Terms of Replacement service


Conditions of service for motorhome rental


Optional contract for motorhome replacement in case of failure.

In Málaga, the .... days of ......... 2009.

Contract Nº: ......

Among Autocaravanas del Sol Operated, SL and / the Mr. / Mrs ... ... ... ... .... hold a private arrangement whereby, in case of damage not attributable to the lessor, it shall provide the replacement of the vehicle by another with similar characteristics, or less, according to the availability of time, within 48 hours by a cost of € ......, in the following cases:

1.- In case of vehicle theft, with justification, copy of the complaint and handing over the keys of the vehicle.

2.- In case of accident, on delivery of part of an accident.

3.- For vehicle breakdown for reasons not attributable to the driver.

It is excluded from the contract of substitution, therefore result in additional revenue, the deactivation by any contract of the rented vehicle when, for reasons attributable to the driver.

Autocaravanas del Sol Operated, SL” they will only be bound to the substitutions listed above in the country. These replacements are always made in the offices of “Autocaravanas del Sol Operated, SL”, unless the delivery is hired on the spot where the customer is as shown below.

o Without the transfer of the vehicle to the place of stay of the client.

o With moving the vehicle to the place of stay of the client.

The cost per kilometre to the delivery of the replacement motor is 0.90 €, with a minimum cost of 100 €.

Autocaravanas del Sol Operated, SL” is not responsible for loss of time, economic loss or any other direct or indirect damage caused by the impossibility of making the replacement of the vehicle. In the latter case, the customer is entitled to the payment of the rental amount, calculated pro rata to the rental rate of the days you could not use the vehicle. If “Autocaravanas del Sol Operated, SL” making the replacement within 48 hours, there is no right to any payment. Once the vehicle is repaired. “Autocaravanas del Sol Operated, SL” will inform the client, who have a period of 48 hours to withdraw / receive the vehicle. Failure to withdraw / receive within that period, "Autocaravanas del Sol Operated, SL" will charge the client with the two vehicles.

Autocaravanas del Sol Operated, SL